Sensei Oded Friedman

Sensei Oded Friedman, chief karate instructor, 8th degree black belt, member of the ISKF
Technical Committee, graduate of ISKF instructor program (level A), international Judge (level A), and an Examiner (level A), graduate of industrial engineering from the Technion Institute, Haifa, married +4.

Sensei Friedman took his first steps down the path of karate about 40 years ago, and has been teaching children, youth and adults for over 30 years.

In 2006 he was awarded a national Israeli prize for outstanding karate instructor, by the Secretary of Education. Approximately 250 students have achieve a black belt under his instruction, and several dozen have been trained by him as karate instructors through the Wingate Institute of Physical Education and Sports.

Sensei Friedman serves as CEO of the Shotokan-ryu Israel organization, a subsidiary of the ISKF under 10th degree black belt, Master Okazaki, who is Sensei Friedman's personal instructor.
The way of karate, which I believe in and pass on to my pupils, is based on the way of my instructor, Master Okazaki - student of the founder of Shotokan karate, Master Funakoshi. This way is naturally combined with my own approach and world view. I believe that in order to progress in a correct and healthy manner, there is need for hard and thorough work, albeit sometimes not at all easy, even frustrating. The fruits that are harvested later on become a testament to the value of these efforts. This is the proper way.

The feeling that I try to convey to my pupils is that members of the dojo are like a family. In this spirit we conduct the training and other activities, in good times and in less fortunate times as well.